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During the month of June, Trans Boxing and Hook + Hustle teamed up for a run club! 
Our goal was to encourage more activity while raising awareness for the Trans Boxing Organization and other gender variant groups who experience barriers in access to sport and fitness.  

We encouraged to participate by
 tracking their runs and submitting them to our group for weekly prizes and giveaways. 

Through the run club and an online event co-hosted with Anna Farrant, we were able to raise $900 for the Trans Boxing Organization. 

A special thank you to Anna for hosting the event. Anna is a Vancouver based boxing expert, owner of Empire Boxing Promotions  and has recently launched a new program at TurF. Check out A La Ligne !


ABOUT TRANS BOXING Trans Boxing is an ongoing art project in the form of a boxing club that centers the participation of trans and gender variant people. With a collaborative and experimental approach, the project provides a platform for community-building, education, and mentorship amongst participants from a diversity of backgrounds through training, workshops, and conversation.